Privacy policy for GDCSoft

This policy applies to GDCSoft developed software for Garmin and Fitbit device and usage of the and websites.

The privacy statement covers only GDCSoft, it does not cover the privacy policies of other entities which may be accessible through, or linked to, any GDCSoft website or communication.

Voluntary Donation Products

Where products have no unlocking mechanism, no data is sent to or stored by GDCSoft in general usage.

When a voluntary donation is made, a record of the transaction and the product it refers to may be stored off line and used internally to inform GDCSoft's understanding of popularity. None of this data is used for any other purpose.

Products using GDCSoft unlocking mechanism

Where products are activated using a code generated by GDCSoft and emailed to the purchaser, payments are typically managed by PayPal and the following information is stored:

  • Transaction identifier from the payment service
  • The customer email as provided by the payment service
  • Details of the transaction including date, product and value

These details are used solely for internal reporting and customer service tasks. They are not used for mailing lists and are not sold on in any way.

The payment service will have its own privacy policy for which GDCSoft is not responsible and has no influence over. Please refer to PayPal's privacy statement if you require more information.

Products using Kiezel unlocking mechanism

To facilitate purchase, the following information must be transmitted to Kiezel:

  • An anonymous device identifier that is generated on the device
  • Detail of the device model - typically a part number

In the event of a successful sale, Kiezel provide summary statistics of sales value by part number or device model and a payment reference that can be used for customer service. GDCSoft stores no further detail than this.

Kiezel is a third-party service that has its own privacy policy for which GDCSoft is not responsible and has no influence over. Please contact Kiezel pay if you require more information.

Third-party Services

Some apps and watch faces allow users to contact third-party API services, for example world tides information, using an account specific API key and other potentially private data such as location information. None of this information is stored or checked by GDCSoft. However, the third-party service provider might or might not use this information. Please check the privacy policy of the third-party service provider.


Please email if you would like support or assistance with a product you have purchased.