Burn Gauge

Burn Gauge

An attractive dial that maps out five exercise zones in terms of energy expenditure / Calories burned. Values can be expressed as either Calories / minute or METs which adjusts the raw value for your weight. Fully working in "free" mode, but you can make it better by purchasing a code from here to enable stats.

Purchase for € 1.49.

Free features

1. Flip the direction the dial rotates by checking "Flip dial direction"

2. Use "Display METs" checkbox to choose between displaying METs and displaying kcal/minute

3. Use "Dial background" list to switch between dial on black and dial on white

4. Use "Max METs on dial" to adjust the dial to suit your exercise needs

You can also adjust the range to match your exercise intensity or preference.

Premium features

Stats enabled by purchasing a code from here are;

1. A graph of your energy burn throughout the activity measured in METs

2. The upper limit for the dial (see settings)

3. The percentage of time spent in zone 1 (below 20% of dial limit)

4. The percentage of time spent in zone 2 (below 40% of dial limit)

5. The percentage of time spent in zone 3 (below 60% of dial limit)

6. The percentage of time spent in zone 4 (below 80% of dial limit)

7. The percentage of time spent in zone 5 (80% and above)


Your gender, weight, height and age (derived from birth year) are taken directly from your device's settings to approximate calorie burn and energy expenditure. Obviously, the GIGO rule (garbage in equals garbage out) applies so please ensure that you have set these values correctly to current figures.

The bottom end of the dial is then configured to your BMR calculated as follows;

For men;

BMR = (10.0 * kgs) + (6.25 * cms) - (5 * years) + 5

For women;

BMR = (10.0 * kgs) + (6.25 * cms) - (5 * years) - 161

MET units are calculated based on 1 MET is equal to 1 kcal/kg/hour. So if your weight is 76kg, then 1 MET is equivalent to 76 kcal/hour.


The energyExpenditure statistic that is used for most watches is not available in this watch. I have calculated a near approximation but I have not got an Approach S60 to test with - please verify that the numbers you see make sense before purchasing an unlock code! (And please let me know if the behaviour is strange.)

And finally

If you find you love it, please leave a favourable review here . If you encounter any problems or have any questions, please email me details at garmin@gdcsoft.com.


Please email garmin@gdcsoft.com if you would like support or assistance with a product you have purchased.

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