Pyramid HIIT (App)

Pyramid HIIT (App)

This is a configurable timer to support complex HIIT style work outs like pyramid, multi-intensity and many more. Features include:

  • Save up to 10 named profiles
  • Choose from 9 sports
  • Multiple intensity levels
  • Customize all display
  • Heartrate display dial
  • Stage summary screen
  • Stage progress screen
  • Stage countdown screen
  • Workout progress graphed in Garmin Connect

Purchase options

Please follow the payment instructions in the app to unlock Pyramid HIIT (App).

Epix users ONLY: For Epix, please follow the instructions here instead.

Free features

First workout is free, after that, you need to follow the payment instructions in the app.


  1. Configure your workout in settings using one of the Garmin apps, for example, Garmin Express, Garmin Connect Mobile or Garmin ConnectIQ Mobile.
  2. Launch the App on your watch.
  3. Press "Start" to start your workout.
  4. You can use "Start" button again to pause / resume your workout if you need to.
  5. If you press "Back" / "Lap" twice in quick succession when not paused, you advance to the next segment.
  6. If you press "Back" / "Lap" when either paused or in finished state, you will close the Super HIIT Timer.


Workouts are defined as a series of comma separated strings in the format "LABEL:DURATION" for work segments or "DURATION" for warm-up, cool-down and recovery segments.

DURATION may be expressed as either a number of seconds or minutes:seconds. For example, one-and-a-half minutes may be expressed as either "90" or "1:30".

LABEL is used to find the intensity level by comparing it against the items for each level. (See below.)


Each intensity is defined by comparing the LABEL against the items listed in settings for that intensity. You can have multiple items separated by a comma for each intensity.

For example, if you specify easy items as "Jog,Walk" then workout stages of "Jog:1:34" and "Walk:50" will both be recognised as Easy.


A simple-pyramid might be defined as "Easy:60,30,Hard:40,30,Intense:20" to give a workout:

  1. 60 seconds easy
  2. 20 seconds recovery
  3. 40 seconds hard
  4. 20 seconds recovery
  5. 20 seconds intense

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